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Sparrow's Hope Journey in India

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Sparrow's Hope in India

  • Where did the run take place? The run happened in January 15, 2017 and began in Mumbai

  • 1,000 Mile Journey Details The run started at the Mumbai Marathon and in under 6 weeks, Sparrow's Hope traveled to Goa, then through Bangalore and ended in Chennai.

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Human Trafficking

14 million enslaved in India, more than 1.4 million children are sexually trafficked in India. Because of the unreported cases the number is nearer to 2 million. The running expedition encompasses three of the largest cities in India (Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai) an area in which hundreds of thousands of children are kidnapped, sold and manipulated into this industry every year. India has become the child slave capital of the world, responsible for nearly half or over 14 million of the 30 million enslaved worldwide. This number is also corroborated by the Geneva based International Labor Organization (ILO).

- U.S. Department of State and Times of India


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